Rally Combo Offer Nexa Mixer Grinder and Easy Cook Pressure Cooker 5L

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Rs. 3,969
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Rs. 6,338
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Rs. 2,369 (38%)

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Our Cookware

No hassle, only healthy cooking!

Celebrate the Master Chef in you with our wide range of cookware. We create everything from pots and frying pans to traditional kadais that come in handy for any cuisine and cooking technique. Pair these up with our stylish and efficient kitchen appliances and bring your dream kitchen to life!

Our Fans

Fans so smooth that they work like a breeze!

Smooth, silent, and stylish are words that best describe our fans. A leading name in the fans space, we have been delivering the best appliances possible for over two decades now. Through our innovative designs and advanced features, we deliver fans that are a perfect fit for your home.

Our Home Appliances

Smart Helping Hands For A Smarter Home!

Rally aims at upgrading your lifestyle with smart home appliances that make your lives easy. The products under this wing are designed with extreme care, ensuring superior performance, energy saving, extreme convenience and value for money.

Our geysers

Wash Away All Troubles With Rejuvenating Baths!

The best remedy to exhaustion is warm water, it makes you feel refreshed. The Rally Geysers range features water heaters which provide you a refreshing experience, while being energy efficient and safe.

Prep yourself for a refreshing experience with
Rally Geysers, check them out now.

Wires & Cables

For A Safely Wired Home, Inside Out!

With extensive research and development, we have designed best in its avenue cables which meet the changing customer requirements. Rally cables range is a reliable range which includes flame resistant, flexible cables with 100% copper conductivity. Whatever be the scenario of work, be it residential, commercial or industrial, Rally cables come in handy, ensuring a safe and sturdy wiring experience.

Keep your homes, buildings, offices safeguarded inside out with Rally Cables.

A smart choice for a smarter life

We at Rally design unique and innovative home appliances that make everyday life easier and your home smarter. All our products are manufactured using industry-leading processes and high-quality materials, backed by two decades of expertise in the home appliances industry. This has positioned us as a leading player in the segment.

  • More than 200 product range in appliances and fans
  • In house production of fans
  • In house assembly of appliances
  • Rally Family who helps us achieve amazing design and build quality consist of 400+ People
  • One of the highest service centres in Karnataka in our product range
  • More than 2 decades old company.
  • Started Entire Karnataka home service since 2018 with customer care service.
  • 2015 was the year when, we established in house fan production unit.
  • Achieved 50% yearly growth.
  • Service centres in entire Karnataka state.
  • Every day 2000+ satisfied customers.
  • More than 6 lakh satisfied customer yearly.
  • Every year 50+ new product lines are added to the Rally family.
  • CE certified.
  • BIS certified (ISI).
  • Star rating certified.

Why us?

Quality that comes easy on your pocket.

Not all great products need to burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why we offer you products with the latest features and great after-sales service at a cost that’s as attractive as our appliances.
₹300 to ₹5,000 price range
Guaranteed warranty services
Ethical & certified products
Unparalleled post-sales service
Unmatched designs, models, & features
Replace instead of repair policy*
Local craftsmanship
High-end technology